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The world is growing rapidly, and the society that we breathe in is developing as well. Everywhere, on this planet, there reside many problems or issues that need to be highlighted. Some may be known to your ears, some might not, therefore, this site will contain articles, poems, and blogs that would contain my point of view and opinions on prevalent social issues. There is a kaleidoscope of problems that keep touching us in our day to life, but we being so engrossed in our self do not give it a glance.

The sole purpose of this website is to give you reflection on the issue and how our demeanor could bring about significant changes. You and I can make a better habitable place to live in.

I will rise but I may fall,
While leaving a mark in this world, so small,
I promise I will write forever,
With all my fervor!


The Man with The Mission

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Saanvi Verma

Few things about me, I love LOVE dogs and furry animals, they’re the sweetest creatures of our world. I am passionate about writing and doing art, so much so that I have also published a book of my own. I have decided to start a blog wherein, I would shed light on issues known and unknown. Stay tuned!

Together we can make the world a better place!