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Underrated Humanities

Does the world only need doctors, engineers, or scientists? Is there no space for other people’s dreams and goals?

It irks me to share my first-day experience back at school. Happy and excited, I stepped into school which has shaped me into who I am. The feeling was surreal as I walked towards the class assigned to students who had opted for humanity as a stream for grade 11. The whole class was quaking in boots. Some of my friends were baffled by my choice.

In the class, we were asked why all of us had opted for humanities. Students replied in unison that they wanted to pass high school without any botheration and tension. They believed that this is the easiest route to graduate high school. To my dismay, I felt flabbergasted.

The mere approach of these children rang a bell in my ear. I doubted myself, and my decision to pursue humanities. I felt my day was wrecked.

Through this article, I wish to change this wrong and biased perspective of students towards the said stream and give them a broader picture of its importance in today’s world.

Humanities is a stream that explores various aspects of human cultures, such as philosophy, art, history, psychology, anthropology etcetera. Humanities students acquire critical thinking, communication, creativity, and ethics skills that are valuable for any career and life choice. Ignorance among the masses has given rise to this bubble that humanities does not offer a better career or has a career with greater monetary gain.

Whether it is personal development or professional achievement, the steam humanities play a pivotal role in both. Also, it promotes young minds to contribute to society by enriching it with creativity and expression (art), enlightening and creating awareness, religion, and beliefs, and last but not least human rights and social justice.

In conclusion, it builds the nation and its people without which civilization would debacle. So, the dynamic and diverse stream of humanities needs to be seen with a new pair of glasses without prejudices.

2 thoughts on “Underrated Humanities”

  1. I believe humanities really allows an individual to be creative and grow in life…rather than just being over burdened by academic stress.
    That being said, each and every field is unique in its own way and humanities possesses its own beauty…that is usually overlooked whenever it is mentioned…

    This article did an emmaculate job in highlighting this issue.

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