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“Chained in these shackles,
I feel,
Why not give me, the feeling of my soul,
As I wander around, finding this unreachable glory,
I sense a melancholy kind of hole,
Inside of me,
No one prevents the way the world moves so cruelly,
But I am here to ask, why not give me, my right to liberty?
As all it would do, would kill the deadly vices, I’ll be the one in control,
I’ll be the one singing those songs even when I’m saying it wrong,
With no fear in my mind, I’ll be at my peak with no one to fool me,
Because once I’m free, I’ll be… Me
As all the dark clouds would vanish from my core,
I’m here asking you, let me embrace my liberty.”

1 thought on “Freedom”

  1. Loved it! 💕
    The desperate feeling of wanting to fly with no cage in sight….has been portrayed really well.

    The part – ‘singing those songs even when I’m saying it wrong’ is beautiful~!

    Wishing you all the very best Saanvi <3
    Looking forward to more of your writings~

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