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Internship experience

“One way to change the wrong is to be the ONE PERSON who makes the difference.”

During my internship at Sulabh School Sanitation Club, I realized the stark disparities present within our society; the lack of various necessities, and the inadequacy of available facilities, and learned the ways an individual can fuse their humility with force and aid to shape the world a better place to be a part of.

The club aspires to teach basic and essential knowledge on sanitation among the students. The aim is to promote the practice of WaSH programs (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) in schools. Various activities and games are proposed to be played by the students to understand and learn in a better & amusing way; it is believed that teaching school-going children is the most beneficial method of creating an everlasting impact which will also have a positive bearing on mindset. I was part of one such visit to two government schools where we imparted necessary information to primary students and teachers on cleaning toilets, handwashing, and the importance of teachers in educating children on such critical concepts.

It is rightly said by the visionary Dr. Bidheshwar Pathak, ‘Great things are achieved when knowledge is combined with action.’

I am grateful to the Sulabh International Foundation for giving me this golden opportunity to obtain this novel experience and for inculcating essential values in me.

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