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Harnessing Mental wellness

Today, we stand at a crossroads of accelerating change, technological leaps, and exponential growth, unlike anything in the history of mankind. In the pursuit of a utopian world, we have brought ourselves to the tip of an iceberg, and it poses a daunting challenge. Furthermore, new unknown threats are bound to come our way as we progress. In this fast-paced world, we prioritize a lot of things, leaving behind ourselves. The façade of our identity may be deceptive, and it forbids us to recognize the fact that we are drifting toward mental illness. A taboo or stigma is still prevalent in society. So, identifying mental illnesses is challenging, as we like to live in oblivion rather than decipher them. Nonetheless, this can be solved if we prioritize our mental well-being willingly. And this journey could be swift if you adhere to what I call the 10 commandments for mental wellness.

First and foremost, ‘love thyself’ celebrates your identity and individuality. Remember, you live only once, so pamper yourself with confidence and self-esteem. Second, comes the virtue of ‘kindness’ that is embedded in each one of us, helping those in need and appreciating everyone around us. Thirdly, ‘socialize, which means meeting people who bring a smile to your face, cheer you up when you feel low, and are good listeners. Stay away from those who sabotage or devalue your friendship for fun.

Next, ‘avoid digital fatigue’ by keeping aside your gadgets. In addition, implement a reinforcement method to reward yourself with joyous things after the completion of a task. The fifth commandment is a crucial one. It advocates that peace, prosperity, and tranquillity persist only if one ‘stops overthinking,’ which is the root cause of countless health hazards. ‘Speak your mind’ is another rule that guarantees your well-being. And if you refrain from doing so, you will be remorseful and pensive. Hence, you will be bound to follow the seventh commandment, which is ‘to reach out for help.’

Mental wellness is a prologue to a grander future; it should be practiced by remaining ‘organized and entertained.’ In other words, decluttering simplifies your life, and entertainment keeps your emotional quotient intact. Take a break from your monotonous life, travel to new places, or follow a passion. Lastly, resort to mindfulness,’ an art of meditating that sows the seeds of introspection and retrospection.

Life is beautiful, and it must be lived to the fullest, and this would eventually happen if you embraced the ‘Ten Commandments.’

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