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Revering Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela, an eminent leader, is celebrated worldwide for his heroic efforts which had been poured to give life to his homeland, South Africa. He was a humble man with gratitude in his heart for all those who had kept the flame of freedom struggle alive before he carried on their legacy. He was a courageous person and did not fear anything likewise he had the immense willpower to undergo a long and difficult struggle for almost eight decades before he won freedom for his countrymen. He had a benevolent heart and bore no malice against anyone moreover he is the epitome of hardship, resilience, and selflessness, which earned him love and respect from the world. He broke the shackles of apartheid with his vision to liberate all from the continuous bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering, gender, and other discriminations.

I learn from him the values of openness, humility, critical reflection, and commitment to justice. I adore his determination to emancipate the oppressed Africans from the British oppressors. His desire to put a non-racial democratic government in his homeland ignites the flame of millions to serve their nation. He teaches many the need for leadership, sacrifice, and the importance of doing good for others. His words inspire me to use my academic excellence not just to fulfil my goal but also work for the community. He instills how faith can be kept steadfast in one’s individuality.

I believe leadership is one aspect of personality that can help you achieve extraordinary.

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