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Does peer pressure lead to bullying?

Peer pressure is an intangible force, a force that often pushes people in the wrong direction. This wrong direction turns into bully consciously or unconsciously. I am positive that most of you can identify with this or may have succumbed to it.

Bully maligns society and being a victim drifts them into darkness. Bully is one reality that exists in all walks of life and sometimes our peers are responsible for that. So, let us delve deep into why it occurs.

As every coin has two faces peer pressure could have a positive or negative aspect. Most of us join any institution or organisation to educate ourselves and companionship is an indispensable part of it. A positive peer makes this journey enthralling with motivation, encouragement, concern, and respect. We often work to impress others and mend our attitudes, interests, morals, values, norms, and personalities to be accepted.

But tables are turned when someone falls into a trap of vicious peers and an urge to fit in makes them gullible. This desire establishes a relationship between, being accepted by a peer or a peer group and their self-worth. If they are rejected, their self-worth disappears. So, like an obedient child, they follow them around whispering rumors and gossip, confirming lies, and sabotaging others’ existence. They even embrace malpractices and manipulation, some even fall prey to wrong habits such as drinking and smoking without realizing that they are unconsciously being bullied. The shadow of such negativity keeps following them through their life and their individuality becomes shallow. Such negative aspects out weigh the positive ones.

Nonetheless, peer pressure should be dealt with immediately and children trapped should be identified. With the help of teachers, parents, and school counselors, corrective measures must be taken.

A healthy environment is the foundation of a healthy mind

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