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Are cases of mental illness more in urban areas?

Several debates have took place on this topic, if I had to choose a stance, it would be for the motion.

Yes, the statement is veracious. Cases of mental illness are more in urban areas because urban living exposes people to various stressors and challenges that affect their mental health.

All that glitter is not gold.

Millions of people who dwell in cities for a better life, opportunities, health care, and education, unknowingly fall prey to noise, busyness, peer pressure, pollution etc. All these can stimulate stress, anxiety, fear, and low self-esteem. Moreover, the individualistic character of urban people drifts them towards loneliness where they refrain from sharing their sorrows and problems.

When I say busy, people don’t have time to collect their thoughts, they don’t have quality time to invest in themselves. The constant hammering and honking weaken the nervous system. We all are aware of what pollution does to our health and an unhealthy immune system paves the way for several health hazards including mental illness. Urban dwellers face higher rates of social inequality, isolation, violence and crime which can increase the risks of anxiety and psychosis.

It is evident that the mechanical lifestyle of urbanisation has taken its toll on the beautiful creation of God, that is mankind.

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