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About Me

My Story

Howdy Reader! I am Saanvi Verma, a sixteen-year-old enthusiast. I study at Ryan International School, Chandigarh. I am passionate, diligent and amiable.
The tiny flame of writing crept into my heart when the pandemic hit the world. Ample free time every day at my disposal allowed me to write. At 14, I had published my first novel, a detective series. I used the platform KDP to publish, and sell it at, which I call the musings of a thirteen-year-old child today.
I have decided to paint my canvas with words that resonate. I shall put forth my take and show you the world with my glasses.
I wish to thank my principal Poonam Sharma, and all other teachers for their overwhelming guidance.
Lastly, I express my gratitude to my parents, my brother, and my friends for all their love and support.