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The Man with The Mission



Young and full of fervor, he dared to dream,

His aspiration, to serve a community that screamed,

Under the weight of prejudice, a society deemed.

He embarked on a path untrodden, determined and bold,

A beacon of hope for those untold.

Sanitation, and the management of waste, his noble goal,

With unwavering resolve, he embarked on his soulful stroll.

The journey was arduous, filled with trials and pain,

But his courageous spirit, never waned.

This iconic reformer fearlessly tackled the plight,

Of manual scavenging, a stain on the nation’s pride.

His voice was heard, his plea heeded,

Years of labor and sweat, Sulabh International succeeded.

Now, the organization thrives, branching into diverse domains,

From environment to education, its impact remains.

Countless missions embarked upon, a testament to his vision,

This wouldn’t be possible without his unwavering mission.

Though he may not be with us, his legacy remains,

A true superhero without a cape, his love and warmth sustains.

His enigmatic smile, a reminder of hope in this age,

Keeping our faith alive, as we turn each page.

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